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    Titan I

    The Titan Missiles were built as a backup for the United States' first generation ICBMs - the Atlas. Missile technology grew at an increadible rate in the 1950s and 60s, and the Titans were built with many new advances the Atlas lacked. The Titans used two stages instead of one and a half, and conventional tank construction in lieu of balloon tanks. The Titan I was scrapped and replaced by the Titan II in the mid 1960's, however this was before the United States and the U.S.S.R. agreed that missile complexes would also be destroyed when a missile system was retired. Hence, all the Titan I missile complexes still exist (in varying states of disrepair), while only one Titan II complex (now a museum) has been preserved.

    Only 18 Titan I sites are in existence, and none seem to be in very good condition after about 40 years of neglect. However, these complexes were designed to withstand a nuclear counter-attack (low yeilds of the time), and if left alone, will undoubtably survive for a few hundred more years. Unless some old Russian nukes are still pointed at the old Titan sites, they would make perfect fallout shelters.

    Titan I Missile Complex Glenn L Martin Titan I Assembly Line in Denver, Colorado Titan I elevator sequence Titan I elevated Activation of first Titan I squadron, Lowry AFB (April 1962)

    Titan II

    Built as a replacment for the original Titan I, the Titan II design allowed it to out perform it's predesser in several ways. Formost, the Titan II could be launched from within it's silo, rather then needing to be elevated to the surface.

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