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    Fully-functional Robotic Human Exoskeletons could revolutionize the world military and industrial powers. To be practical, all exoskeletons will have to provide some form of physical augmentation, otherwise the user wouldn't be able to move freely and easily. Furthermore, All exoskeletons will have similar basic parts and functions. The biggest differences between a civilian and military suit would be the electronic add-ons and heavy armor. Every exoskeleton will have to utilize a haptic interface that'll move with the user quickly and easily. One method to accomplish this might be a full body skin suit covered with pezioelectric circuits. Everytime the user moved, the exoskeleton would recieve electronic signals instructing it how to move.

    Cross-Platform Technology

    Regardless of what model the exoskeleton is designed for, each will have some of the same basic features.....

    Civilian Models

    Powerloader from the movie "Aliens"
    Useful in the private and corporate sectors, these exoskeletons could replace all sorts of heavy lifting machinery. Possible uses include moving goods through warehouses, or building materials on construction sites.

    Military Models

    Power Armor from the post-apocolyptic RPG series "Fallout"
    Some of the most exciting innovations however, will only be cost-effective for military use. Foremost is the advanced HUD system using organic LEDs. The HUD would be feed data from various sensors including infared, mm radar, telescopic zoom video cameras, or remote data feeds (say, for mission briefing). The HUD would also display information relating to the suit's status or damage, enviromental conditions (interior and exterior), and add-on modules (such as the remaining rounds in a gun's magazine).


    ...not long ago I discovered that research into robotic exoskeletons have recieved some serious funding over the last few years. No longer is this something delegated to science Fiction. DARPA is funding several different groups who have begun to produce good results; one already has a working prototype for an augmented lower extremity exoskeleton. It runs off a canibalized lawnmotor engine. After about 15 minutes though, it's out of gas.

    Haptic Interface

    In a mechanicly augmented system, a haptic interface is very important. This is basicly a system that

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