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    Some ideas that might work in a comedy or weird movie:

  • time or dimensional portals
  • Mixed time and technology eras. Perhaps a main character wears 1950s clothes (with a Dick Tracey watch), while another is Medeviel or futuristic (like Back to the Future II clothes).
  • Special guest appearences and locations from pop culture. Borg might work for "MaroFluffy", MasterBlaster Gas stations, apes building pryamids with human slaves,
  • Characters break-out into song, sing and act very dramatic for mundane things...say coffee or furniture polish.
  • Single random scene in the movie, everyone speaks say, french instead of english. Subtitles contain the correct script, but doesn't match at all what is said in french.
  • Portions of the movie would be deliberitly discontinous, esp. concerning props and time of day.
  • Characters don't notice background action; where all types of things occur. May include vampire attacks, strategic piegon bombing campaign, etc. Action would be mostly visual, as to not interfere with script. Perhaps they are walking through a movie set themselves, where the scence starts in the middle of a take.
  • LOTS of hidden messages, like the posters in Brazil, the book 1984 or the game Deus Ex. Suspicon breeds confidence. Don't suspect your neighbor, report him. Tuesday is Soylent Green day. The Truth Shall Set You Free.
  • How about opening the movie with a music video. Say, Fat Boy Slim - Weapon of Choice, using clips form the movie Dune? Yeah, that would be uber cool.

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