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    The goal of this project is to describe the fundemental requirments needed in constructing a realistic VR simulation. In terms of imersive reality, detail and interaction, this simulation could be compared to The Matrix. However, The Matrix is simply the most widely recognized simulation; there are several other sims that are more closely related to this project.

    Base Elements:

  • Physics
  • Interface
  • Psionics, and Psionic converters
  • Genetic/Evolutionary Growth (planets, animals, etc)
  • Energy
  • Magic
  • Globals
  • Master Data Sets
  • Servers

    Unorganized Jumble Bin

    The world could be rendered based on the ability to perceive it. Someone who could syncronize very well with the interface equpment could pervice the digital world much more fully then someone who could not. Because less neural cells would be stimulated in poorly synced people, less processing power would be needed for their reality. Similary, the sync could be delibertly lowered or raised for simulating say, drunkedness?


    large/small particles,
    Physics is one of the underlying core pieces of the simulation. Atoms are probably too small to model using ever remotely realistic computing power, however molecues are quite a bit bigger and occur more naturally then pure elements. This could allow a very real virtual world with less computing power (although the molecular property lookup tables would be HUGE). In order to accurately describe the world, forces and accompaning concepts must be defined and applied using mathmatics. Some of the ideas that must be modeled iclude: Gravity, velocity, force, direction, density, mass, friction, heat, pressure, adhesion, cohesion, compression, brittleness, volumes, surface areas, displacment, pressure changes (suction), dissolved particles (salinty), gas disapation (mixing), air/water currents, etc.


    The Matrix and countless other spin-ons and offs had it right. VR goggles and gloves are insufficent to create an emersive 3-d reality. While goggles -could- still be used, a lot of the current VR tech needs to be scrapped. So instead of relying on tactile interfaces and force-feedback to stimulate the individual, the better answer is to mimick the electrical responses to the nervous system that nerves would fire if they -were- stimulated. This solves a lot of problems with VR, but creates a whole multitude of technical difficulties. For example, the system described so far would only work with passive users. They could feel a breeze, the ground, etc. but when they moved their body, they would still be moving in the real world, not the VR world. This means several functions will have to be performed in tandem. Sensors need to pick-up specific bioelectric signals -without- allowing them to reach their intended destination, while transmitting the fake signal feedback to the nervous system. Because all the sensory information is illusionary, users aren't nessacary limited to human avatars. One could be a wolve or a dragon or, whatever. The only cavet to this is the nervous system might not understand how to move the new limbs around. If the current theory of the nervous system is true, that it can intergrate into anything that accepts neural imput and gives feedback, then a person could learn how to "be" a mythical creature.


    Psionics works a lot like the magic in the game, except the energy is converted and projected from the individual. Psi power is a very, very special ability that is developed from manipulating the simulation interface with the mind. One could learn to Channel...


    A realistic enviroment means plants and wildlife all react in convincing ways. For example, an oasis in a desert couldn't exisit unless water fed it somehow. Similarily, pine trees wouldn't be growing here

    Genetics - Negative and positive associations with other animals, humans
    Physical appearence ^
    Behavioral patterns <--__|

    Comprehensive molecular and physical chemistry.

    Reduce overhead by doing rule lookups. passive or inactive system could have all common rules loaded, while more complex interactions are accomplished by looking up the rules in the master database files.

    Each species has it's own base program or "genotype" that describes the average plant or animal. This master program controls much of the behavior and overall atributes of the species, while small files would represent individual lifeforms.


    Negative energy is resistance to change, positive energy initiates a change. This is why the 2nd law of thermodynamics works; you can't run out of negative energy (at least in real objects) Is this world with a base on negative or positive energy, that is, does everything tend towards stabilization where change is energy input, or does the world constantly change, where stability energy input?


    Magic is created by combing the real-world physics system with imaginary particles or energy (or particles that release energy, whatever). Th


    Normally applied to conditions that effect an entire program, globals in this case includes anything that runs on the macro scale. This would primarily include basic physical rules such as gravity, but also a complex weather modeling system (based on evaporation temp/pressure and the greenhouse effect)

    Master Data Sets

    Interconnected databases that are used in simulating the digial reality


    While there would be several dozen (or more?) large dedicated servers to run "The World", much of the computing power could be syphoned directly from the client systems. "The World" will require a large amount of both data transfer and proccessing why not marry BitTorrent and distributed computing together....?? This way the clients are also servers to everyone else, transfering both data and power wherever and whenever it's needed.

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