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    Under this section you'll find a collection of some of my favorite anime and manga. An observant visitor will note that most of the anime I listed are regularly shown on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Or were. I haven't had anything but UHF since early summer 2003. However, I have been able to continue my obsession by downloading the fansubs available on most p2p networks.

    I find it funny how file-sharing upsets so many people. P2P allows people to sample material that they wouldn't otherwise be exposed to, or be able to afford. Besides, most of the video online is around the quality of VHS, and audio is comparable to cassette tapes. Am I happy with that? Hell no. Once I find something that I like, and therefore worthy of purchase, I have no qualms about shelling out a few bucks for the official (and high quality) material. Not long ago I bought a cd by the Finish opera/metal group; Nightwish. I'm certain that I would never have heard of them, let alone buy their music, if I haden't downloaded it first.

    I think I know what the music and movie industry is really scared of. People are beginning to realize that much of what is recorded just isn't worth the price we're asked to pay.

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