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    Arguably one of the best anime series ever. It has continued to gain in popularity over the years, even though it ended back in 199X. Neon Genesis Evangelion combines elements of phycology such as -----,-----,-----, and ----- with the Dead Sea Scrolls, genetic enginering, and giant robots. The series begins about fourteen years after an event called the "Second Impact"; where a small rock traveling near the speed of light hits, and vaporizies, the south pole.

    While the story focuses mainly on Shinji -----'s life in the present, we learn details of the other character's past which helps describe their motivations and actions.

    Recently, I read some information online about WETA (they did the FX for LotR) being involved in a project to create a "Live-action anime" out of Evangelion. Nothing beyond pre-production artwork has been released yet, but it has already sparked half a dozen flame-wars, an online petition, and a dedicated website. Everything looks good so far, so lets hope the big guys don't screw it up.

    Eva hanger NERV command center EVA in liquid chamber

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    There are plenty of anime music videos on the net, but only a few really stand out from the rest of the crowd. I'm tempted to post the videos right here, but alas, bandwidth costs cannot be ignored. Use a P2P client to pull them down, they are well worth the wait.

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    Engel (by Rammstein) Kevin Caldwell Ger. > Eng.
    I Think I'm a Clone Now (by Weird Al) Weird Al ??? English

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