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    Megatokyo is a webcomic that was created by Fred Gallagher and Rodney Caston. The site launched on August 14th, 2000, and since then, Megatokyo has become an underground cult classic with thousands of fans. As of this writing, the comic is over five-hundred strips long and is updated (usually) two or three times a week. The comic is available for free at or you could buy the series in volumes from ThinkGeek.

    The story begins with Piro and Largo, two of the story's main characters, leaving for Tokyo after failing to sneak into E3 in the United States. They experience some humorous adventures in Japan, but when they return to the airport to go home, they realize they spent all their money on toys, anime and manga. They are stuck in Japan, but are able to contact one of Piro's friends

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