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    Inuyasha is an anime and manga series created by the famous Rumiko Takahashi. The first manga chapter was publsihed in Shounen Sunday '96 #50, November 13th, 1996. So far, the manga has upwards of 330 chapters, with a new chapter released about once a week.

    The anime is taken directly from the manga series and was first aired on October 16, 2000. Each episode spans roughly two chapters of the manga. The anime series is doing quite well and is now about 141 episodes in length. The series has even proved to be popular enough to dub into english and port to the United States. Cartoon Network airs the dubbed version on Adult Swim around midnight, monday through thursday.

    Further proof of the story's success, a third movie based on the series was released in Japan on December 20th, 2003 and a fourth is in production.

    Main Characters

    Inuyasha Inuyasha is a powerful hanyou (half human, half youkai) from fedual era Japan. Both his human mother and youkai father died when he was a child.
    Kagome Kagome is a courageous junior high student from modern day Japan. the reincarnation of the miko Kikyo, who died 50 years earlier.
    Shippo Shippo is a orphan fox youkai who joins up with Kagome and Inuyasha to avenge his father's death. His father was killed and skinned by the Thunder Brothers.
    Miroku Miroku, the houshino(sp?) (or Monk) is known for his fondness for the ladies and the Air Void through his right hand. The Air Void will suck in anything like a black hole, even Miroku someday. The Air Void is a result of a curse Naraku placed on Miroku's grandfather.
    Sango The youkai exterminator Sango
    kaeda Kaede, Kikyo's sister.
    Kikyo The miko Kikyo.
    Sesshoumaru Inuyasha's older brother, Sesshoumaru.
    Naraku Naraku, whose name literly means "Hell"

    Opening and Closing Lyrics

     # Song Artist Range Lyrics
    Op. 1 Change The World V6 Ep. 001-034 Jap.>Eng.
    End 1 My Will Dream Ep. 001-020 Jap.>Eng.
    End 2 Fukai Mori Do As Infinity Ep. 021-041 Jap.>Eng.
    Op. 2 I Am Hitomi Ep. 035-064 Jap.>Eng.
    End 3 Dearest Ayumi Hamasaki Ep. 042-060 Jap.>Eng.
    End 4 Every Heart BoA Ep. 061-085 Jap.>Eng.
    Op. 3 Aikawa Nanase The Endless Dream Ep. 065-095 Jap.>Eng.
    End 5 Do As Infinity Ep. 086-107 108? Jap.>Eng.
    Op. 4 Grip! Every Little Thing Ep. 096- Jap.>Eng.
    End 6 [....] Kiss Day After Tomorrow Ep. 108?109- Jap.>Eng.

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