Update Archive - 2004

17 Dec 2005 - Okay, well eight months is a long time between update, especially considering the one before that was almost a year. Mostly code clean up and bug fixes this time around, but I also added a new top-level menu item called "DeviantART Gallery" and an archive section for old front page news.

22 April 2005 - A long overdue update, mostly due to enlisting in the military. I've completely revamped the Anime and Manga section, adding about 70 roughed-in pages; and a news article on transparent electronics.

03 May 2004 - Started a few new projects under "Cybernetics", more news, changed the main page greeting.

17 April 2004 - Added a few more news articles over the past couple of days.

11 April 2004 - Added "In the News" section, with 2 article commentaries.

07 April 2004 - Updated "Evangelion" with WETA pics, changed link colors from green to blue.

01 April 2004 - Added "Naruto" to Anime and Manga, updated "Matrix Sim" and the index.

30 March 2004 - Added "Matrix Sim" to Special Projects.

20 March 2004 - * Research Project Finished * - Cardiopulmonary Implant Report added to Cybernetics.

10 March 2004 - Added Titan Missile Pics, made minor updates to several pages.

17 February 2004 - Updated "Cybernetics" to reflect current research into Emergency Brain Support Implant.

20 January 2004 - Added some ideas to "Movie Skits" and a preliminary summery of the "Titan Missile Complex."

14 January 2004 - Added screenshots of the major characters from "Inuyasha" to Anime/Manga section. NOTE - these were edited myself from screencaptures of the anime.

11 January 2004 - Added more ideas to the "Game of Houses" video game, updated Cybernetics under Special Projects.

09 January 2004 - Updated the index a bit, added a description and links in the Daes Dae'mar section, updated a few entries in the Anime and Manga section.

04 January 2004 - Website Launched! Not much content has been uploaded yet, but some things will begin to trickle in over the next few days.